Damian De Luca
Damian De Luca
Mobile & Web Developer - Trainer - Consultant - Writer

I'm consultant and specialist in web development, with extensive knowledge in Responsive Web Design, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and Databases. I work with modern technologies for optimised multiplatform development. I develop projects based on WordPress, Bootstrap and React (among other technologies). I work with specialists in digital publications and we create solutions with web technologies and EPUB3 format.

#HTML5 #CSS3 #JavaScript #React #PHP #MySQL #WordPress #Bootstrap #LESS #SASS #MobileDev #EPUB3

My Books


  • HTML & CSS.
  • HTML5 (+ APIs).
  • CSS3 & Responsive Web Design.
  • Flexbox & Grids.
  • Bootstrap.
    (CSS preprocessors).
  • Responsive E-mail.
  • JavaScript (ECMAScript 6).
  • jQuery.
  • React.
  • Angular.
  • PHP & MySQL.
  • PhoneGap/Cordova
    (Hybrid Mobile Development).
  • Progressive Web Apps

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